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Beeautify Gentle Honey Cleanser for all skin types

The Gentle Honey Cleanser enfolds the skin in a natural scent of raw, sweet and delicious jarrah honey from the pristine forests of Western Australia.

The smooth honey texture, combined with lemon myrtle oil, Kakadu plum and vanilla extracts, promote a gentle exfoliation, making the skin supple and radiant.

Our Gentle Honey Cleanser has a unique self-preserving formulation that gently foams, removes impurities, and purifies your skin.
The honey’s natural viscosity provides a mild exfoliation and, in combination with the action of naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids, accelerates cell turnover, improving skin tone and cleansing without stripping or drying your skin.
The product balanced pH helps maintain the skin’s acid mantle for a glowing complexion.

Beeautify Gentle Honey Cleanser 125ml

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